GAME SUMMARY - Elevator Pitch

Stupidly Realistic Wolf Simulator Deluxe is a wacked out Multiplayer Survival Game, that takes place on a farm where you as a Sheep must do everything you can to avoid being eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

Just like Among Us, how one player is designated to be the “Killer’, in SRWSD, one player is the “Wolf”, and the farm is quite literally your dinner plate, so long as “Farmer Joe” doesn’t intervene.

Creature Features:


  • Survive the wolf
  • Collect powerups
  • Manage stamina
  • Build meter
  • Spit on enemies
  • Set poop traps
  • Stay vaccinated
  • Drink energy drinks
  • Unleash the farmers fury


  • Kill the sheep
  • Track your prey
  • Disguise yourself
  • Blend into your environment
  • Commando crawl
  • Assassinate
  • Spread rabies
  • Avoid the farmer
  • Become a beast

PLAY THE DEMO (To be updated)

Prototype Download (Early Version 20-09-2022)

Final Demo Download (Current Version To be updated)



Our teams goal when designing SRWSD, was to take the line “How cool would it be if you could…”, and making it happen.

We take inspiration from some of the most successful games of all time, such games as Among Us, Crab Games, Just Act Natural, and many more, to provide a feature rich game that everyone can enjoy.

Anyone could be the Big Bad Wolf!


Lets face it, we live in a pretty messed up society, a society where people love to cause grief and wreak havoc on one another. So we decided to “enable’ them, by providing the mechanics and social place for friends and foes to gather together in a virtual environment and let loose!


Future Content:

While we understand that the “HOW COOL WOULD IT BE IF…”, direction, can become a long winding list of unfinished desirables, we’ve contained ourselves with some boundaries, not really, but their is a fence on the farm.

We would love to turn the current survival multiplayer game mode into a variety of game modes that players play through, similar to Fall Guys, and Squid Games in a Round Robin fashion. This would allow us to bring in more of our whacked out game ideas to life. Either delivered as expansions to the main game or as a complete packaged game jam packed with content.

Some of those whacked out ideas play on themes common to the “Big Bad Wolf”, such as Blowing Down Houses, Crying Wolf for points, or re-imagining common tropes, stories, games and all things familiar or worth spinning off.

Current Content:

1 x Multiplayer Game Mode: (Survival)
1 x Map Level (The Farm)
1 x Set of Power Up Cosmetics
1 x Sheep Disguise (Cardboard Sheep Mask)

MVP Content:

5 x Multiplayer Game Modes – Played Sequentially (Survival, Race, Sport, Trope, Brawl) 
5 x Maps (The Farm, The Lake, The Field, The Hills, The Barn) 
2 x Sets of Power Up Cosmetics
2 x Sheep Disguises (Cardboard Sheep Mask, Sheep Wool Coat)

Planned Content Releases:

Cosmetic Power Up Replacements
Wolf Cosmetics (Disguises, Costumes, Customisations)
Alternative Maps and Layouts
Environmental Traps and Interactions

PRODUCTION SCHEDULE - Timeline (9 months)

The game is currently 20% complete, however, the demo is the main portion of the games entirety with the most complex game mode, powerups, abilities,  multiplayer, and character control/movement being taken care of. Despite having the core functionality implemented there is still quite a bit of work to do to get the game stable and ready for release.

– Production will continue through till February 2023.

– Quality Assurance to be carried out from March 2023.

– Launch on Steam, and or on licensed platform Mid 2023

– Other platforms un-determined, but Mobile release is high on the cards

THE TEAM - Main Contributors

Up till now Stupidly Realistic Wolf Simulator Deluxe has been a collaborative project under the lead direction of Smash Button Games. Students from SAE Media Institute have participated in work placement with Smash Button Games where they developed the prototype for our game. The project was then handed over to our team at Smash Button Games and further developed into a self funded vertical slice of our MVP. After graduating their degrees, we’d love to be able to provide full-time work to the key interns that have worked on or are currently working on the project to help continue to develop and provide content for our game.

Main Contributors:

Thomas Coromandel: Lead Designer, Jericho Mellenjor: Lead Programmer, Amit Thapa: Jr. Programmer, Keith Leong: Jr. Designer

Other Contributors:

Alice Phan
Connor Younger
Maria Tsangaris
Reece Beckman-Sawyer
Shanika Jayawardene
Connor Murray
Harry Mackay
Joshua Stuart
Kenny Ngo
Pen Young
Ryan Kelso


150K Budget – 70% Development, 30% Business, Licensing, Legal, Marketing

If you’re interested in funding the project, publishing, or engaging in a licensing deal, please reach out to

WHO IS THIS GAME FOR? - Target Market


Primary Platform: PC / Mobile
Primary Age Group: 20 to 35 years of age.
Primary Audience: Among Us / Goat Simulator Gamers
Primary Location: Streaming Platforms US, UK, SEA
Primary Personality: Twitch Streamers, YouTube Streamers, Game Stream Followers

Among Us, But with Animals!

Secondary Platform: PC / Console
Secondary Age Group: 18 to 30 years of age.
Secondary Audience:
Social Casual Gamers
Secondary Location: Social Media Platforms US, UK, SEA
Secondary Personality: Reddit Users, Meme Lovers, Social Gamers, Social Followers

Just Act like a Sheep and everything will be fine...

We aim to target a casual audience, particularly people who enjoy weird and wacky games that can be played with friends. Our game will be enjoyed by people who have enjoyed games such as Among Us, Crab Games, and Just Act Natural, as well as those with a sense of humour.


1. Currently the biggest challenge in development is allocating enough time to the project. The company has been funding development by relying on service work, which takes a lot of our developers time.

2. Optimisation will be the next biggest challenge, currently the project is running quite nicely on our development system, but in order to be more accessible we need to tweak, and consider porting across to another rendering pipeline suitable for Mobile development.